It is the belief that all Head Start staff members prescribe to lifelong learning, impart the joy of learning to children within the guidelines of child development, pursue happiness and joy in all that they do.
It is therefore the Mission of the Head Start Program to provide comprehensive and high quality services in the areas of Education, Child Development, Medical, Dental, Mental Health, Nutrition, Parent Involvement, and Disabilities. By doing so, our children, families, and staff members will manage future challenges with confidence and success through a lifetime of support and encouragement from all.
The Head Start Program affirms that every word we say and action taken will support the philosophy of our Mission Statement.

Vision Statement

All services of the Gila River Indian Community Department of Education will be geared to ensure that no child is left behind, and to prepare each individual to fulfill the tribe’s ultimate goal of self-reliance through education.

Program History

The Gila River Indian Community Head Start Program has been in operation since 1965. It provides services to children from low-income families who are three to five years old. The Head Start Program provides comprehensive, health, nutritional, educational, social and other services. In addition to Head Start, the Gila River Indian Community also has an Early Head Start Program providing services to families with infants from 6 weeks to age 3.
Parents are encouraged to participate in program development, family and community partnerships and their children’s physical and educational development. The Program provides training and educational opportunities for parents. Participation in the program promotes involvement and understanding of child development to support and educate parents of young children. The Gila River Head Start Program believes that parents are their child’s first teacher.
Children with disabilities are an inclusive part of this Head Start Program and a minimum of 10% of the total funded enrollment will consist of children with disabilities. Head Start and Early Childhood Special Services will collaborate with parents and Center Teaching Teams to determine the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) of children with disabilities. 

Head Start Administration

Lori Stinson, Head Start Director
Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext. 2243
Email: Lori.Stinson.HDST@gric.nsn.us

Frances G. Gonzales, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext 2227
Email: Frances.Gonzales@gric.nsn.us

Sherilyn Analla, Education Coordinator
Phone: Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext. 2242
Email: Sherilyn.Analla@gric.nsn.us

Vacany, Health Coordinator
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A

Alma Valencia, Family Service Coordinator
Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext. 2229
Email: Alma.Valencia@gric.nsn.us

Jaime James, Disabilities Coordinator
Phone: (520) 562-6901 ext. 2222
Email: Jaime.james@gric.nsn.us

Louvina Johnson, Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: (520) 562-6901 ext. 2273
Email: Louvina.johnson@gric.nsn.us


Head Start and Early Head Start Support Staff

Vacant, Head Start Secretary III
Phone: (520) 562-3423

Annette Mendivil, Secretary III
Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext. 2225
Email: Annette.mendivil.HDST@gric.nsn.us

Patty Isk, Secretary II
Phone: (520) 562-3423 ext. 2272
Email: patty.isk@gric.nsn.us

Kayla A. Enos, Clerk I
Phone: (520) 562-6901 / (520) 562-3423
Email: Kayla.enos@gric.nsn.us


Gila River Head Start & Early Head Start Annual Report 2012-2013