Message from Tribal Education

The operation and focus of the Tribal Education Department has taken on many roles throughout the years and continues to change as our students and community members’ change.  We try and forecast what the community will face in the near future and face those ideas with an open mind as we construct our services to ensure our members are provided a clear opportunity to achieve their goals both academically and culturally.

We look back on our efforts and recognize several accomplishments as a department and also accept the challenges that have surfaced.  We will continue to seek ways to encourage our members to obtaining a higher education of their choice and support their choice as they attend school; this applies to both the Intermediate and Higher Education levels of education. 

As we approach the future, we are cognizant that we do so with the desire to respect the upbringing that our elders have provided us and the vision that they instilled in us as a people.  It is with this confidence that we face those expectations as feel it will strengthen the community and the efforts that serve to promote Self Reliance amongst the Gila River Indian Community.

The Tribal Education Department

Mission Statement

The Tribal Education Department, a broad-based collaborative community entity, assists the members of the Gila River Indian Community to complete their education and foster the thought of Self Reliance.  This Self Reliance is created with inspiring optimism and creativity for all members of the community while developing the thoughts of a Life-Long Learner.  This is done through the recognition and promotion of the Culture and Language of the Akimel O’otham and the Pee Posh tribes and providing quality education opportunities for all tribal members. 

Vision Statement

The vision of the Tribal Education Department is to relentlessly provide quality customer service to all members of the Gila River Indian Community so that our members become Self Reliant through the attainment of Culture and Education.


The administration office is the central point of the Tribal Education Department.  It oversees all the educational programs within the Gila River Indian Community.  Every program associated with the department coordinates with the administration to discuss current and future objectives to ensure we are meeting the goals set forth by the leadership of the Community and to provide the best educational opportunities for the stakeholders of Gila River. 
The administrative section of the department is overseen by the Director and Assistant Director of the Tribal Education Department who strive to provide the best customer service to all stakeholders of the Community. 

Administration Staff

Isaac Salcido, Director
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3607
Cellular: (5200 610-0795

Jeffery Thornburg, Assistant Director
Office: (520) 562-3662 ext. 3622
Cellular: (520) 610-0915

Arlanna Jackson, Administrative Assistant
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3604

Raina Lewis, Secretary III
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3601

Carolyn Escalante, Secretary I
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3610

Gale Rawson, Case mangement coordinator
Office: 520-562-3362
Cellular: 520-610-2349

Cultural ProgramStaff

Anthony Gray, Culture Coordinator
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3617

Tammy Histia, Assistant Culture Coordinator
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3603

Jared Lewis, Culture & Language Curriculm Devloper
Office: 520-562-3662 ext. 3626



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