What schools does the scholarship fund?

In most cases, if a school receives Title IV funding (Pell Grant) then more than likely the scholarship program will provide funding for the school except for the University of Phoenix. The school must be accredited by one of the approved accrediting agencies listed in the GRIC Higher Education Policy.

How much money will I get for going to school?

The actual amounts vary and are determined by your school. The school fills out the the Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) Form with the amounts for the cost of attendance. As a full-time on-campus student, you will receive funding for Tuition, Books, Room/Board, and Transportation. As a part-time on-campus student you will receive funding for Tuition, Books and Transportation. Transportation will vary depending if you are taking on-line classes.

Do I have to turn in everything together at the same time?

No, you can start turning in your application and required documents to Student Services as soon as you have them. However, Student Services will not consider your application as being complete until all documents are received by the deadline date. Our deadline dates are April 15th for the summer, June 15th for the fall semester and November 15th for the spring semester.

I went through the Scholarship Program as a Vocational student, but now I want to go to a Community College, can I do that?

It is best to meet with a Student Advisor to review your file before making this decision. Remember that you have to complete your undergraduate studies within 10 semesters. Also, credits from vocational schools usually do not transfer to a Community College or University.

Will the scholarship pay for my rent or a car?

The scholarship funds are only a supplement and will assist with some of the costs of living and may not cover all of your expenses. Scholarship funds go directly to the school; the amounts for your housing and transportation are determined by your school and Financial Aid information. You will have to make arrangements to pay for your housing as well as transportation if the scholarship does not cover all of your expenses.

I applied for the Scholarship before; do I have to provide all of the documents again?

Contact Student Services at least two months before the deadline dates to have a Student Advisor review your file to see what documents are already in your file and to see what other documents must be submitted.

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